Antique Fire Baskets

Antique Fire Baskets

The first forms of antique fire baskets were used in the Tudor times under the reign of King Henry VII. The Tudor period is generally recognized as the period between 1485 and 1603. Firedogs were the first form of fire basket in this period and became popular as they allowed logs to be raised from the hearth area allowing air to be drawn from underneath for a more efficient burn. Previously to this people would simply place the logs on the floor limiting the amount of oxygen that could feed the fire and keep it burning well.

Since around the 18th century the first original antique fire baskets were designed and manufactured. This became more popular than fire dogs as it allowed the burning area to be managed properly, all of the fuel to be contained neatly and was more efficient than simply placing logs on top of fire dogs.

Since then original fire baskets have been a popular item for burning solid fuels and more recently gas. Designs from both original fire baskets and reproduction vary a lot depending on the era they were made. Wavy and flowery Art Nouveau designs were popular after the Victorian period and coat of arms style emblems was popular around the Tudor period.

We have a selective range of restored fire baskets on display in our showroom and available online. Specially selected from areas all around the UK and renovated by our experienced, skilled craftsmen they have been professionally restored to their former glory.

All our fire baskets are suitable for solid fuel fires,alternatively we can also supply living flame gas fires,electric fires and bioethanol fires all of which can be made to measure, call for price.

If you would like to arrange a viewing please call so we can ensure it is on display in the showroom before your visit.

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