Coal Buckets & Coal Scuttles

Coal Buckets & Coal Scuttles

Coal buckets are designed for functional use providing and removing coal from the hearth but can also be used as decorative pieces. The coal scuttle is the perfect addition to any fireside for storing coal as well as for improving the aesthetic looks of the fireplace.

Our coal buckets come in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes to meet individual needs. Large and small in finishes such as brass, black, pewter, copper and much more. With a handy coal bucket you can be sure of no more cold wet trips outside to the coal bunker!

Some coal scuttles come in designs that enable one to pour the coal onto the hearth directly without using any fireplace tools. Whereas some coals buckets are designed in such a way that you can store the coals in them but you will need tools such as coal tongues to put the coal onto the fire. A typical coal bucket has a handle on for ease of transportation.

We are confident that with such wide range of coal buckets you will find the right match for your fireside. We have copper coal buckets, brass buckets, cast iron buckets and stainless steel coal buckets and much more available online.

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