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Terms & Conditions


"we", "our" or "us" means Manchester Fireplaces Limited.
"you" or "your" means the person who buys or agrees to buy goods from us.


1. We recommend you get your gas fire serviced once a year by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, this will help to avoid any long term problems with your fire and help to maintain the working order of your fire.
1.1 All heat outputs supplied are approximate and heat outputs vary depending on flue conditions, every house is different. Cowling and chimney sweeps are highly recommended.
1.2 If you opt for a power flue fire, note that they are fan assisted and create a certain level of noise, if in doubt contact your local retailer prior to order.

Solid Fuel

2. We recommend you get your solid fuel fire fitted by a HETAS registered installer.
2.1 All solid fuel products, be it inserts or stoves, are classed as high maintenance and must be maintained accordingly, follow the maintenance instructions provided to ensure you keep your products in top condition.
2.2 All products suitable for solid fuel use must be tempered, this means burning small fires initially and building up to a full fire, no responsibility will be accepted for products damaged when this procedure has not been followed.
2.3 All solid fuel products are finished in high temperature paints and polishes, from time to time this will wear away or blemish, if this happens you must treat the area with a high temperature paint or grate polish as soon as possible, this will bring the casting to its original state and avoid any rusting.
2.4 Be aware of what fuels you burn on your fire, some high temperature fuels can damage your stove or fireplace, as can mixing certain fuels. If you are unsure or require advice read your user instructions or contact your local retailer, no responsibility will be accepted for damage due to over-burning or burning unsuitable fuels.
2.5 Please empty your ash regularly, the grate and ash pan are consumable parts of your fire and failing to clear ash will accelerate the process of deterioration.


3. All electric fires must not come into contact with water as this may damage the fire. All flue fitted electric fires must be fitted into a sealed flue to avoid any rainfall damaging the electrics.
3.1 Please note, most electric fires are fitted with fan assisted heaters which create a certain level of noise when running, if in doubt, contact your local retailer.

Cast Iron and Other Metals

4. With all cast iron products, avoid contact with water as they will rust. Ideally undertake any high moisture work (i.e. plastering) before fitting the fireplace. If you undertake any high moisture work after fitting then make sure you treat the cast regularly during drying out periods to avoid rusting.
4.1 Black cast iron products are finished in high temperature paints and polishes, from time to time this will wear away or blemish, if this happens you must treat the area with a high temperature paint or grate polish as soon as possible, this will bring the casting to its original state and avoid any rusting, this can happen initially in the first few burns while the cast tempers, this is normal.
4.2 Polished cast and Solid Brass products require a certain level of maintenance, be aware that both of materials will tarnish with heat, more so with solid fuel fires, this process cannot be reversed. If in doubt please contact your retailer.
4.3 Polished cast iron should be treated and cleaned regularly with an oil based product, I.e. WD40; this is to avoid any rusting.
4.4 Solid brass should be cleaned with any form of brass cleaner, I.e. Brasso; such abrasive cleaners should not be used on plated brass, if in doubt contact your local retailer.


5. The above are natural materials and as such may vary in shade or colour from what is displayed in the showroom or brochure.
5.1 Most marbles are inherently unsound, varying from cracks in some varieties to extensive brecciation.
5.2 Generally speaking the more figuring a marble contains the greater the need for reinforcement, repair and filling. As such they should not therefore be classed as defects; this is what sets apart a natural product from the generally more consistent man made materials.
5.3 All measurements provided are approximate and subject to manufacturing tolerances, if you are unsure or require exact measurement, please contact us, unless otherwise stated or discussed we will work to our tolerances.


6. All of our wood surrounds are made from solid wood unless otherwise stated.
6.1 No two solid wood surrounds will ever be the same as wood is a natural material; the graining, knots and colour will all vary giving each wooden fireplace its own unique character.
6.2 As it is natural, wood may need to be filled from time to time; this is a character of wood and should not be classed as a defect.


7. All the tiles we supply are as close to example tiles displayed as possible. As some tiles are hand painted, hand tube-lined and hand glazed, shading and crazing are characteristics that may vary from display tiles and this make each set of tiles unique.


8. We will deliver the goods ordered by you to the address you give us for delivery at the time you make your order unless otherwise agreed in writing with you.
8.1 Goods damaged in transit must be noted at the time of delivery, documented on the delivery note and damaged items refused. It is your responsibility to check the goods for damage with the delivery driver and to notify us of any damages at time of delivery. We will not accept claims for goods damaged in transit that were signed for as being in good condition, unchecked or wording to that effect.
8.2 A signature will be required when the goods are delivered. We are under no obligation to identify the person signing on your behalf or to establish whether or not such person is authorised to sign for the goods on your behalf.
8.3 We will inform you of the anticipated delivery date for the goods which you have ordered and any date notified to you for delivery will be approximate only. Where you are getting a third party to install the goods you should not make arrangements for such third party to install the goods until you are in receipt of the goods.
8.4 For palletised and heavy deliveries, the goods will be delivered as close as possible to the front door of the delivery address you have given us. If this location is unreachable for any reason, such as a narrow street, up a flight of stairs (such as flats), or any other obstruction, delivery will be made as near to your property as possible. The driver is under no obligation to carry goods into your house, if persuaded to do so he enters at your own risk and we will not be liable for any damages to goods or your possessions once inside the house.


9. All goods remain property of us until full payment has been paid for the goods. All deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed and noted in writing at the point of order, 50% deposit is required on all made to measure goods.
10. We do not provide an installation service, but details of recommended installers can be provided if required.
10.1 There is no agreement between the customer and us and as such all contracts of payment or issues regarding fitting quality should be dealt with by the customer and the installer.
10.2 As with all goods, the customer must be present to accept delivery and confirm the quality of goods supplied, once accepted we will not accept any liability for goods damaged after accepted or installed, these issues should be raised with the relevant installer.
10.3 We realise the importance of getting your room in order, and as such other arrangements may be made around the fireplace, should unexpected delays or damages occur, we accept no liability for any costs or inconvenience incurred.