Register Arched Grates and Fascias

All our arched grates fascias and panels are suitable for solid fuel, alternatively we can supply living flame gas fires,electric or bio ethanol fires,which can be made to measure,price on application.

We also have a dedicated section on hearths to suit all our fireplaces in slate,granite ,stone or tiles all of which can be made to measure,price on application.

Before visiting our showroom please telephone beforehand if you want to view a particular fireplace which may not be on display.

Arched fireplace grates also known as cast iron inserts first started to make an appearance during the early Victorian period. Although not as popular as combination grates also known as “all in one” fireplaces or tiled fireplace grates the simpler, geometrical designs of arched grates were appealing to many.

Original arched fireplace grates can be easily recognized by a protruding centralized arched semi circle starting at the top of the grate then vertical lines protruding down to the base. The protruding area was sometimes fairly plain or decorated with various patterns and motifs typical of the Victorian period. Original arched grates had front bars to prevent any fuel spilling onto the hearth. The front bars were typically decorated to match the decoration of the arch but designs were usually less decorative. Span covers usually had similar decoration to the front bars while the dampers were a key area for intricate decoration and detailing. Dampers were used on solid fuel fires to close off the chimney opening when the fire was not being used to prevent drought and unwanted cold air entering the room.

We have a selective range of original arched fireplace grates available for viewing. Our team of professional craftsmen have renovated and restored each to its natural beauty, just as it would have been when first manufactured.

Always call us before coming down to view any of our antique fireplaces as we have so many they can’t all possibly be on display. Let us know what antique fireplaces you are interested in and we can make sure they are on display when you come to visit the showroom.