Original Tiled Grates

All our tiled grates are suitable for solid fuel fires alternatively we can supply living flame gas fires,electric fires or bio ethanol fires all of which can be made to measure,price on application.

We also have a dedicated section on hearths to suit all our Antique fireplaces in slate,granite,stone and tiles all of which can be made to measure,price on application.


When visiting the showroom please telephone beforehand  if you want to view a particular fireplace as not every one is on display.

Tiled grates first became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. The huge selection of different tile designs available at the time allowed people to customize their fireplace to fit the style of their rooms. Many of the Victorian’s, especially the middle class and aristocracy saw fireplaces not just as a heat source but as a decorative luxury that represented their wealth and stature. It wasn’t unusual for the middle class and aristocracy to have a fireplace in almost every room such as the living room, drawing room or bedroom. Some of the finest examples of fireplaces and original tiled grates came from Victorian houses as British manufacturing was flourishing, raw materials were cheaper and much of the upper and middle class had surplus money to spend on fine luxury items. During the last 10 years of the Victorian Era the Art Nouveau style became popular; this style first originated from Paris, France and meant “New Art” in French. The design has been described as a “rhythmic floral pattern” or the “sudden violent curves generated by the crack of a whip”.

Tiled grates were fairly popular during the Edwardian period and were used again as both decorate and functional items. Designs became much plainer during the Edwardian period and shapes became more geometrical unlike original Victorian tiled grates where designs were very intricate and varied in design and decoration. In the 1920’s, 10 years after the reign of King Edward VII a new art and style became popular originating in Paris called “Art Deco”. The Art Deco art and style could be described as plain linear symmetry, such as straight lines and circles a far cry from the flowing asymmetrical designs of the Art Nouveau style.

We have a huge range of original tiled grates suitable for most fireplaces available, renovated and restored carefully by our own team of experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. Whether you’re looking for an original Edwardian or Victorian tiled grate or a particular style; such as Art Nouveau or Art Deco, our large and varied range of antique fireplaces will ensure there is something to suit all tastes.

With such a large quantity of antique fireplaces in stock we cannot have all of them on display in our showroom so some of them are stored away. If you would like to come to the showroom please contact us to arrange a viewing so we can make sure the fireplace is on display.