Original Fire Surrounds

Fire surrounds have been popular amongst society for 1000’s of years. Some of the first fire surrounds were made in the medieval ages out of stone. At this time stone was one of the primary materials for many building materials as it could be quarried locally unlike other materials such as marble. The infrastructure for extracting stone was also much better than any other materials due to the quantity used in building large stone castles and other large buildings of the time. Marble and slate has been used only in the past 400 years in the manufacture of original fire surrounds. Marble had to be imported from other countries since there was no natural marble in the United Kingdom. It could be said that out of all materials original fire surrounds have been made from marble has stood the test of time despite social and economic change. Marble fire surrounds are still very popular today. Slate started to be quarried in the United Kingdom in the late medieval ages (1300-1500) but was only used in manufacturing original fire surrounds a few hundred years later.

The most popular material for manufacturing original fire surrounds was wood as it was easy to work with and shape and relatively cheap compared to other materials such as marble slate or stone. Many wooden fire surrounds were made in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Victorian wooden surrounds were often intricately decorated with various designs and Edwardian fire surrounds often used plain linear symmetry in their design. Probably the biggest influence on wooden fire surrounds was the arts and crafts movement (1880-1910). This movement was a reaction against the state of the decorative arts and the poor conditions under which they were produced. The movement saw people making things out of more economical and locally sourced materials such as wood and supported traditional craftsmanship. During this movement most fire surrounds were made out of wood as it was locally sourced. These designs were simpler than previous Victorian designs and more economical to make.

We have a huge range of original antique fire surrounds made from many different materials and influenced by styles from a number of periods in history. From beautiful marble Louis VIX fire surrounds to the tall, wooden, mirrored Edwardian fire surrounds we have a huge range available to suit most homes.

If you would like to see any of our original fire surrounds make sure to call us so we can ensure they are on display for when you visit.