Stone & Slate Antique Fire Surrounds

Stone has been used in many antique fireplace designs since the medieval ages as it is both functional and can be crafted into many intricate designs using fairly basic tools. Slate has been used for the past 400 years although slightly less functional as it is harder to work with and repair. Slate became a very popular material in the Late Victorian/ Early Edwardian periods and was often used in the design of fire surrounds and hearths.

These delicate materials are often difficult to keep in pristine condition for such a length of time, but here at our own dedicated workshops, we have a team of slate and stone restoration specialists who expertly restore all of our stone and slate antique fireplaces to an excellent standard as they would have been centuries ago.

Not all of our stone and slate antique fireplaces are on display in our showroom so if you are interested in seeing them set up please contact us to arrange a viewing.