How to Create an Attractive Fireplace?

Using art for the purpose of decoration was the purpose of the art deco era. The designs made during the period could be identified by the sleek, clear lines and gorgeous curves. Liberal use of colours can also be attributed to the art deco movement. Art deco fireplace has every element that was characteristic of the fundamentals of the art-deco philosophy.
The art deco movement was particularly famous in Europe. The use of colourful tiles to achieve the colour effect as well as protect the fireplace from the ill effects of heat was observed. Art Deco Fireplace is great for house owners looking for an arty and colourful version of their hearths. The colour and designs do not end at any imaginable limits of the average person! Some design elements of art deco fireplace are so wild that art deco creators of the present era would be at a loss to recreate the magic.
Art deco fireplace can be made as a combination of several colours and design elements or it could be a simple combination of black and white designed on a single ascetic theme. This may be contrasted with the eclectic designs that were so popular throughout Paris where the movement gained momentum and changed several aspects such as graphic arts, visual arts and industrial designs. Art deco is an amalgamation of design, art, functionality and latest techniques.
The classical art deco fireplace is quite costly, modern representations are affordable and easily available at online stores. You can also ask a bespoke fireplace manufacturer to create a fireplace according to any design that you might have in mind. Art deco magazines have pretty designs that clients want to be represented in their art deco fireplace.
FireplaceAntique is one of the finest antique fireplace manufacturers in the UK. They have a wide range of art deco fireplace at their stores which are unique and affordable, take a look at their online catalogue of original fireplaces before making the final choice.
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