Slate Fireplace Surround

A slate fireplace surround forms an integral part of a modern fireplace that is constituted of slate tiles. There are quite a few variations available with fireplace surrounds from rustic to modern or from ornate to simple ones. The area near to the fireplace mouth can be directly encased stylishly by using a well-designed slate fireplace surround. It can also be employed to make an extension all the way up to the roof above the fireplace by making it cover the shaft that is responsible for the chimney enclosure. The best thing about slate is that there is a wide array of natural colours to choose from. You can choose the colour of the slate fireplace from grey, blue, beige or pink based on the kind of slate that is in use for the fireplace.
While choosing the appropriate colour for the slate fireplace surround, one needs to take into due consideration the colour of the walls of the living room or wherever the fireplace is to be installed. The size of the intended fireplace is also an important consideration to make. For a small slate fireplace surround, always choose a colour that would compliment well as an accent. In case the fireplace is a large one, the colour chosen should be such that it goes well with the surrounding predominant colours painted in the room. There is also an advanced option where you can go for multiple coloured slate tiles to make up the fireplace surround as this would make for an attractive proposition and is generally a popular choice among those having a rich aesthetic sense of style. There are few who want to use slate in a restrictive manner for making the fireplace surroundings. While choosing this option, it is best to use the slate by bordering it with some other material. If the hearth of the fireplace is raised, then slate may be used to cover it and the area that borders the fireplace opening.

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